Prototype Xbox Series X Photos Surface

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Well what do we have here? Do my eyes deceive me? Are these the first up-close photos of the Xbox Series X including port configuration? Hard to tell if these are real but these just popped up on Twitter from user @Doug_DragoX.

Compared to the announcement shots, these look legit. Granted, if real, this is a prototype unit which means anything can change. Also, there is no mention if this is in fact a working unit or just a case. However, the inclusion of actual ports in the rear suggests it is a full unit.

Xbox Series X Prototype front image

The front of the device is simple and straight forward. On the top row there is a Blu-ray slot with the eject button and the round Xbox logo, which is probably the power button. On the bottom row, there is a USB port (presumably USB 3.0) and a controller sync button.

Xbox Series X prototype back photos with ports.

The backside of the unit displays 2 USB ports, a ethernet port, HDMI port and an optical audio port. The two other ports remaining appear to be for power (presumably) and an unknown rectangular slot. What is it? Rumors are that it may be some developer port to allow for debugging while the unit is running. Image was edited to remove the serial number and bar code to prevent tracking.

If these are the first real Xbox Series X photos, then I am sure we will start to see more of these soon. No release date has been given for the Xbox Series X other than holiday 2020. Follow us on for more Xbox Series X information as it breaks.

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