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Dying Light 2 was expected to come out Spring 2020. But, in a recent tweet from @DyingLightGame, it was announced that the game has been delayed until further notice. Developer, Techland, apologized for the delay, but wants to ensure that they deliver what they promised.

Game delays are bound to happen and should not be thought of as being negative. Often enough, gamers complain when games are rushed to market and are riddled with bugs and require a large patch download on day 1. I for one say, “Take your time Techland! And make sure that the Dying Light 2 delay was for good reason.”

Techland CEO, Marchewka, went further, explaining that they, “will have more details to share in the coming months…” A copy of the letter from the CEO is below.

Dying Light 2 Delay letter

Dying Light 2’s delay comes on the heels of other big game delays, like Cyberpunk 2077, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and the Avengers. Will these delays pay off in the long run, or end up dragging them down? Sales can be affected if the delays are lengthy, causing fans to lose interest, and sometimes causing lost trust between gamer and developer. Only time will tell how it plays out for Dying Light 2 this year, once released.

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