Super Mario Bros Speed Run World Record

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Super Mario Bros speed runs can be a lot of fun to watch. Seeing a world record broken, however, is even more fun! Super Mario Bros completed in 4.55.646 minutes is even more fun than that!! On January 17, 2020, YouTuber Kosmicd12, reclaimed the top speed run spot beating out tavenwebb2002 by 3 frames. tavenwebb2002 claimed the top spot back in August 2019 with a time of 4.55.746 minutes.

In order to complete this run so quickly, he used usual warp pipes to skip a large majority of the game. He also used a series of glitches that have been part of SMB since the launch. To ensure no one would cry foul, Komicd12 also uses a real NES with an original NES controller.

Just when I thought I knew this game, I learned I didn’t. I was unaware that such glitches existed to speed up completion. Kosmicd12 explains the glitches he used, in the video description. One of the glitches employed allows him to skip the flag coming down in worlds 1-1, 4-1, and 8-3 by using precise inputs. He goes on to say, “This lets us change how close Mario is to the right edge of the screen and tricks the game into sending you to the wrong place.” He does a similar thing on the world 4-2 warp.

Will 4.55.646 be the best Super Mario Bros speed run for long? Are there other glitches in Super Mario Bros that haven’t been found yet? Take a look at the incredible speed run below. Congratulations Kosmicd12!

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