Minecraft Pack Star Wars Mash-up Released

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Big news for Star Wars and Minecraft fans alike as a new mash-up Minecraft pack has been released in the Minecraft Marketplace. It’s been six years since a Star Wars Skins pack was released and since then many fans have been wondering if we’d ever see a Star Wars mash-up. I am pleased to announce that this has finally come to a realization and by God, it’s amazing!

  • Minecraft Pack - Star Wars
  • Minecraft Pack - Star Wars
  • Minecraft Pack - Star Wars

The DLC will cost you 1340 Minecoins (or $7.99) and like most mash-ups, it includes new skins, texture packs, music, and a new map that includes roughly 12 Star Wars themed locations. The new locations include Tatooine, Hoth, Endor, and the infamous Sarlacc pit. Star Wars-themed music and sound effects adorn the entire pack and really make the entire mash-up pop. The landscapes are full of characters that have been featured in Star Wars films for years. Perusing through Mos Eisley, it wasn’t hard to bump into a few Storm Troopers, various droids, or a Womp rat or two.

This Minecraft mash-up pack wouldn’t be true to Star Wars if it didn’t contain some of the most iconic Star Wars ships and vehicles. Featured in the mash-up pack is the Millennium Falcon, and also Imperial Shuttles, Speeder Bikes, Star Destroyers, AT-ATs, AT-STs, and Tie Fighters, plus much more. Some of these are not usable vehicles, but rather locations that you can walk through, like the Millenium Falcon, where you can sit directly in the cockpit and feel like Han or Chewie, or the cockpit of the Razor Crest. “This is the way.” That’s right, the Mandalorian is represented here along with The Child, Baby Yoda.

Minecraft Pack - Star Wars

Head into the Minecraft Marketplace and download the mash-up Minecraft pack today and relive some of those famous moments from Star Wars. Check out the Minecraft Star Wars trailer below. Now the only question remains, Will this make Martin’s Top 5 Minecraft Packs?

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