A Cancer Grows in Gaming – Social Justice Warriors (SJW)

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Loathsome, hateful, and miserable; Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have infiltrated every aspect of the entertainment industry and serve only as a destructive force that is anything but entertaining. SJWs create nothing and ruin everything that they are allowed to leach on to. Still, many companies seem all too eager to introduce this influence into their ranks in order to score “woke” points, and to signal how morally superior they are. These companies seem to believe that the cesspool, known as twitter, reflects what regular people want and they consistently bend the knee to politically correct nonsense that only serves to stifle creativity, while seeking absolute subjugation.

There are numerous examples of this, from which the saying “get woke, go broke” has emerged. Sadly, the ‘go broke’ part has for the most part only been more of a minor inconvenience to many of these companies as they are backed by massive amounts of money.

The struggling Marvel Comics continues to print woke, preachy books that no one wants and comic book stores can’t get rid of. Still, they are forced to stock theses garbage titles due to underhanded sales tactics on the parts of big publishers like Marvel. This, however, pales in comparison to ultimately being supported by Disney, as well as a plethora of goodwill from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The incentive to create great stories and characters is a direct casualty of the monetary safety net that is Disney.

A Cancer Grows in Gaming - Social Justice Warriors (SJW)
Even the Wonder Twins were cooler.

The Star Wars saga has also been a benefactor of the Disney safety net. The prequel trilogy under the guidance of Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy has managed to completely split the fanbase. There is no perfect Star Wars movie to be sure. Some story arcs seem rushed (Luke’s training) while others tend to feel underdeveloped (Padme and Anakin) and there is plenty of corny dialogue, but the story and characters were always there. They provided us an escape into a magical world. Kennedy chose identity politics and intersectional feminism over such inconvenient obstacles. Instead of giving fans a fully realized Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, we were presented with a broken shell of a man. Our new heroes were chosen only to score diversity points and that was all-important. As a result our main characters, which could have been great, are more or less forgettable. Rey was presented to us as an all-powerful being who could pretty much do anything. Even besting Luke Skywalker himself in The Last Jedi. Finn was my favorite character in The Force Awakens but was reduced to a sidekick on a mission that accomplished nothing in the following film. The whole “Pando” debate is completely ludicrous. What do we need to know the romantic affiliation of any of these characters? Rogue One is by far the best Star Wars movie made by Lucasfilm under Disney. It features a massively diverse cast and it works. But it for the most part only concentrates on the human characters which is completely ridiculous considering what we have seen from the galaxy far, far away. Imagine having a world of crazy aliens at your disposal and your main concern is the color of the human character’s skin or what they have between their legs.

Hollywood, as a whole, has been all too eager to allow this cancer within their ranks. The need to keep the general public apathetic and friendly toward their hypocritical and hedonistic lifestyles is certainly a factor. What better way to do that than claim the moral high ground? They’ve got no problem lecturing the public on the “cause of the day” as long as it averts our eyes from what they truly are. You don’t get to bitch about global warming when you are flying around the world in your private jet to do so. As a result, more and more people are turning against the cult that is Hollywood. Even those who rub elbows with the elite have had enough and have begun to speak up.

Comedians, in particular, have felt the brunt of SJW Puritanism, with many feeling stifled and unsure about how this will impact the future of their industry. Comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock avoid playing colleges due to a toxic, politically correct culture across campuses. Kevin Hart was prevented from hosting the Oscars, a dream of his, due to jokes he had made in the past while on the stage. These people are evil and will silence you and destroy you over the perceived sins of the past whether you are on their side or not. Laugh at the wrong joke, talk with the wrong people, or be “politically impure,” and they will target and harass you.

The self-righteousness and moral superiority of the SJW knows no bounds. They “know” exactly how all “ marginalized” people feel, and also know what is best for them. Failure to agree means that you are evil, and guilty of any sort of “-ist”, “-phobe” or “-ism”. This puritanical ideology means that fellow SJW’s must adhere to the same talking points, or risk saying one wrong thing, only to be ostracized and then accused of being guilty of any sort “-ist”, “-phobe”, or “-ism”. Thus, the NPC meme has become and appropriate symbol to describe the SJW.

A Cancer Grows in Gaming - Social Justice Warriors (SJW)
“In the Navy”

The most insidious part of SJW ideology is that on the surface it seems innocent and good. Society isn’t perfect, shitty things happen and, despite what SJWs would have you think, most people do indeed want to help each other out, and for wrongs to be righted. That isn’t enough, however. They want total control to do this. Control over every aspect of American life from what you are allowed to hear and say to where you are allowed to work and whom you are allowed to associate with. And once you submitted to this pathologically altruistic religion, however, you had better tow the line and consistently demonstrate how virtuous you are…otherwise you will be guilty of any sort “-ist”, “-phobe”, or “-ism”.

Cleveland Brown no longer voiced by Mike Henry
“Oh, Terry, oh, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry. Oh, Terrrrrrrrrrry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terrrrrrrrry…”

One of the key talking points made by this “woke Taliban” is their bastardized and misguided evocation of what they call cultural appropriation; the idea that there shall be no cultural or ethnic mixing and that only people from a certain culture or genetic background are allowed to engage in things specific to that group. In short, segregation. It is why we see voice actors, such as Mike Henry, leaving key rolls like Cleveland Brown. He can virtue signal and make dopey claims as to his motivations, the fact of the matter is that he saw how crazy and emboldened these SJW maniacs have become by how pervasive it is in Hollywood. He simply didn’t want to take the chance of being ostracized and thus being guilty of any sort of “-ist”, “-phobe” or “-ism”.

This nonsense has reared it’s ugly head once again, with the announcement of Far Cry 6 and the wonderful trailer that followed. It seems that for some “games journalists,” the race and culture of an actor should be the deciding factor in the roles they are allowed to play. They have found offense in Giancarlo Esposito’s portrayal of Anton Castillo, dictator of the fictional island of Yara. They argue that his own Italian/African-American heritage should disqualify him from portraying a Latin character. I, for one, believe he is a great choice and was delighted to hear that he and Michael Mando (Vaas Montenegro, Far Cry 3) would discuss this commonality on the set of Better Call Saul.

Far Cry 6 Logo

Even more ridiculous is the ire that Sucker Punch’s, Ghost of Tsushima is generating. Despite being quite well received by Japanese critics, some woke morons have decided to dub the game racist. What exactly is their gripe about this fine game? It is a form of cultural appropriation. A non-Asian has created a game that centers specifically around Japanese history. And, no matter how well it is done, no matter how closely they follow the history and represent the culture of the time it still needs to be curbed and silenced. Sucker Punch has been found accused and found guilty of…well, you know…

Make no mistake, if given any form of authority, this small but growing number of puritans would indeed pass laws to prevent these type of things from happening. Do you think the PMRC was bad for American culture? Just wait. If the silent majority of gamers, moviegoers, and comic book lovers, don’t start becoming more vocal we can expect some Fahrenheit 451/Equilibrium shit going down and the cancer will continue to grow in gaming.

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