Minecraft Birthday- Happy 11th Birthday

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Happy Minecraft Birthday! 11 years ago today Minecraft was released on PC as an alpha test in 2009. While much has changed since then, the games fun core set of features are still present and more popular than ever. Minecraft is now available on multiple home consoles like the Xbox, PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch. It’s also widely available on handhelds, like Android and Apple devices. It has even made its way to VR devices like the Oculus, and homebrew devices like RaspberryPi. Minecraft is HUGE and is still growing!

As we await the Nether Update, Minecraft is a cross platform multiplayer game with persistent worlds thanks to Realms. Players across the world have re-created incredible real life locations as well as fictional locals from famous movies and books. Minecraft is truly an artists canvas, and players have shown that the impossible is possible.

Today, we have Minecraft Earth on handheld devices much akin to Pokémon Go giving users the ability to build in the real world for the first time. Plus, later this month Minecraft Dungeons is coming to all home consoles and PC as a new multiplayer dungeon crawler. Being a sandbox game, it was odd to see Minecraft get a story mode with “Minecraft: Story Mode” back in 2015. The Story Mode version lasted two seasons until the Telltale Games closed their doors in 2018, due to financials troubles. At the time of this writing, neither season is available any longer.

Again, thank you Mojang and now Microsoft for bringing us Minecraft and continuing to expand the universe. Happy 11th Minecraft Birthday!

To Celebrate

Come join us as the staff of SuperCo-OpBros.com recant our early experiences in Minecraft.

Also take a look at some of our feature videos of Minecraft on YouTube featuring some of our survival Minecraft Realm!

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