Fallout 76… I Just Don’t Get It

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I just don’t get it, I tried… I really really tried. Fallout 76 just isn’t what I wanted. Or maybe it’s not want I expected. I don’t know.

I absolutely love the idea of post-apocalyptic world where players are emerging for the first time and have to survive against the unknown and potentially other players. This is where I believe Fallout 76 starts to lose me. Each server can hold about 24 players. Meh. I want full time persistent world massively multiplayer game going on. The other thing that bothers me is that my character and buildings are always with me no matter what server I join. Seems odd to me to have a base/house in a swamp alone then suddenly, one night, have someone next to me. But, this will only be this one time we happen to be on the same server. This of course is unless we are friends.

To put it further into perspective. You could join a server suddenly that has a load of high level characters that are all fighting or a fresh server that has all newbies on it. Maybe there are some safeguards in place to prevent that. Frankly, I don’t care. To me, Fallout 76 is overly complex. Too many items, too many worries and no direction as to what to do. Sure there is some quests but it’s not fun to continuously kill some stupid floaty robots that seem to be as strong as Robocop or the Terminator.

Will an Update Save Fallout 76?

Fallout 76: Wastelanders was just released in April 2020 and introduced a slew of non-playable characters (NPCS) into the game to add some life to it. While a bunch of us played this past weekend it was semi-fun to shoot at some NPCs. Sadly, it wasn’t enough for me.

I don’t dare to post this as a review as it’s not. Bethesda made an absolutely stunning game and Fallout as a series is incredible. Who doesn’t like a post-apocalyptic world? A few of us have played Fallout 76 during most, if not all, of the free play days and just can’t get sucked in. We really wanted to and I still want to. I just don’t think I will ever buckle down and spend the money for a game that feels so dead.

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