Pokémon-Go Style Minecraft Earth Announced + Beta!

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To start off – Happy 10th Anniversary Minecraft!!! Microsoft announced a new version of Minecraft called Minecraft Earth which will be an AR (Augmented Reality) version of Minecraft that will be a free-to-play mobile game. Your iOS or Android device becomes a lens of the game where “you’ll be able to build creations with friends and place them in the real world at life-size.”

Collaborate with friends

The Pokémon-Go type gameplay includes resource gathering from various
“stops”, completing challenges and discovering new unannounced mobs that will be wondering around the real world. That’s where this no longer is your typical Pokémon-Go style game.  In Minecraft Earth players will collaborate to create massive creations while using the real world as the canvas. If you’re looking for something not as grand you can also collaborate with a friend locally with smaller builds that can be positioned on a table top. There will also be some sort of survival mode where players will be able to fight Minecraft mobs in the real world. Imagine walking down the block and seeing an Enderman just chilin’ next to you or suddenly hearing a Creeper’s Sssssss just before the blast. Believe it or not I can’t wait!

Minecraft Earth Skin

What we know so far is that Minecraft Earth will be available this summer in beta form for both iOS and Android. The device that you are using must have AR capability which most of the new devices do. You can sign up for an invite on the official Minecraft Earth Beta signup. Signing up does not guarantee an invitation to the closed beta but it will net you a Minecraft Earth skin. Once you signup, a download code will be sent to your email for immediate download. I’ve attached the announcement trailer below which gives a very small sneak peak into what we can expect from Minecraft Earth.

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