Minecraft Earth Live Demo at WWDC 2019

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We were quite surprised to see the news that Xbox One and PS4 controller support would be added to Apple TV this fall. We were even more surprised when the Mojang developers took to the floor to demonstrate the Minecraft Earth which is Microsoft/Mojang’s “Pokémon Go” AR Minecraft game.

During the demo the developers both interacting with a table top version of the world where they could mine, build and look around their creation using the iOS device as a viewer. We also got a very small sneak peak as to what the user interface will also look at which hasn’t changed since the initial Minecraft Earth promotional shots. Finally with the click of a button, one of the developers was then transported into the creation where they could then be inside the world and not outside. While we are used to seeing a “Steve” in the game world, this time we actually got to see the world around one of the developers as if they were in Minecraft.

The demo ends with a huge chasm opening up uncovering a cavernous system with a few skeletons firing arrows up out of the crevice. Just as it was starting to get exciting the ever frightening “ssssss” could be heard as a Creeper shows up ending the demo. Video of the demo is included below, which is a must see.

you can watch the WWDC 2019 Announcement here. Around the 2 hour mark is the live demonstration of Minecraft Earth. Minecraft Earth is due for beta this summer and will be released on iOS and Android later this year!

Updated to remove embedded YouTube video due to copyright claims.

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