Xbox One and PS4 Controller Support Announced at 2019 WWDC for tvOS 13

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Today, Apple announced its latest software offerings at its annual Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) including iOS 13, WatchOS 6, tvOS 13, MacOS Catalina, and the spin-off, iPadOS. Normally what we see at the WWDC has very little to do with gaming but today we were pleasantly surprised. While we didn’t hear anything new regarding Apple Arcade, we did find out that tvOS 13 is going to include support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers.

For quite sometime Apple TV has included a number of games but using the included Apple TV remote or some random 3rd party controller was a less than enjoyable experience especially for someone like me who prefers OE controllers! This is now going to help the Apple TV be taken seriously as a home console device.

Set up was very easy almost too easy. Go into the Apple TV settings go to Bluetooth. On the Xbox One controller click the sync button and everything was done. After playing a few games on my Apple TV with my Xbox One controller I felt right at home and looking forward to trying even more games on the AppStore and Apple Arcade when it’s released later this year.

Apple TV tvOS 13 is currently in beta with a public beta release expected in July. Release versions are then expected to hit desktop boxes in September. For more information regarding all that was announced today visit Apple’s WWDC site.

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If you find the PlayStation 4 controller to be much more ergonomic than the Xbox One controller and wish you could connect it to your Xbox One for long gaming sessions, you’re in luck. 

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