Third Party Controllers, a thought.

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I am what you could call a “controller snob.” Ever since the early days of the Nintendo Entertainment System I could never use a 3rd party controller. During that time there were some great controllers out there that included rapid fire or even a macro type ability but even with those literal game changing features I couldn’t do it. But that rapid fire was definitely a tease!

I don’t know how the OEMs do it but they all have their own special feeling in terms of button mash and joystick movement. What’s even more interesting is that even though the big three game consoles have their own controllers, they each do not feel the same yet I like them all the same. That being said I’m not sure how I’d feel if I could use my Joy-Cons on my Xbox One or vice versa. This makes me think maybe it’s something mental and not physical.

Years prior on a PC that was the only option; third party controllers and I had no other choice. I was more of a keyboard/mouse combo gamer though which is probably why I only played first person shooters and MMOs at the time but I did dabble in the likes of Logitech and Nyko controllers for a bit. While I liked the fan features of the Nyko Air Flo, I preferred the feel of a Logitech controller as they were the closest to the original equipment. This was the extent of my usage but I knew what I liked.

Despite some positive feedback I still fell back on the original controllers when it came to console gaming as I felt the third party ones were mushy or the joysticks were too rickety or when the fan broke on my Air Flo. Maybe it’s just a mental thing but till this day I still can’t use a third party controller.

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