Joy-Con Drift Got You Down? Check Out This Fix.

Nintendo Joy-Con drift is old news. Sadly, it’s plagued two pairs of my own Joy-Cons and I know many that have the same issue. The good news is that Nintendo has extended the warranty time on them but the COVID-19 pandemic has caused quite a bit of a delay. As it stands right now I’ve been waiting approximately two months for Nintendo to start the RMA status.

Nintendo Joy-Con Drift Fix

Given the circumstances, the delays are understandable but I couldn’t wait any longer. I read a lot of articles and watched many repair videos and figured I woul give this Joy-Con drift fix a shot since it doesn’t void the warranty and doesn’t require any disassembly. Of course, I could just buy new Joy-Cons but at $80 is it worth it to possibly have the same issue again? Third-party controllers are an option too but I am not particularly fond of them and prefer the OE controllers.

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