Interchangeable Side Panels for PlayStation 5

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If you’re one of those that have been wondering how a white PlayStation 5 will fit into their entertainment center, wonder no more… maybe. Some images have shown up on Twitter that appears to be a stack of side panels for the PlayStation 5. These images prove nothing but do show that the panels do clip easily to the sides of the PlayStation 5. There is also no indication that there are any other colors or designs being made available. All of this is speculation or rumor at this time.

The photos do appear to be legit. While it’s not much, minor details, like the color of the floor that we first saw when the first production PlayStation 5 was revealed, looks to be the same color (see below). We know it’s not much but it’s something and there is no other reason to believe that these images were faked.

Production PlayStation 5 revealed

If the PlayStation 5 has interchangeable panels, it would bring some relief to those that are concerned about how the PlayStation 5 will fit in with their other electronics. If the panels are interchangeable without taking the PlayStation 5 apart, we could possibly see official Sony side panels as well as possibly aftermarket ones. With 3D printers being more mainstream its probable that we will see a lot more customization that could kill themed console sales that are usually released with big game releases. Again, this is only a rumor at this time and there are a lot of “ifs” to be hashed out.

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Kevin May (TheCleverPotato)

If true, its a neat idea. Of course, I still question the decision to make the thing white in the first place.

Yep. It looks more like it belongs in MoMA than someone’s living room entertainment center. And dimensionally… Woof that thing is enormous.

[…] in July, we brought up the fact that the PlayStation 5 may have interchangeable side panels to alleviate the color clash that will happen in many home entertainment systems. The video shows […]

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