Production PlayStation 5 Spotted?

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This may be the first glimpse of a post-production PlayStation 5. First posted on the forums, according to the folks over at Video Games Chronicles, this appears to be legit as a well known insider has verified its authenticity and there is no evidence of digital manipulation. Quick glance of the photo shows other clues to it’s authenticity like similar shoes, vests, gloves, etc. Seems to be that if it’s an hoax, it’s a very elaborate one and for what?

You’re going to need a bigger shelf…

PlayStation 5 Production Unit Revealed
Rumor: Post-Production PlayStation 5 Revealed

There is little reason to believe that this photos is not real especially since it is not showing us anything ground breaking. What it is showing us those is the sheer size of the PlayStation 5. There have been many mockups created by other sites to show what this or the Xbox Series X will look like, but seeing it in the arms of another person gives us a little bigger perspective.

It’s huge! Where is everyone going to put this? While there are some that will go out and buy a PlayStation 5 and an Xbox Series X, there are also some that will have an older console and a new one. If this photo turns out to be real it’ll be interesting to see how this fits, including color, within everyone’s entertainment systems. Perhaps Sony, and maybe Microsoft, are making their machines big enough to thwart those from buying both consoles. An PlayStation 4 owner will more than likely buy a PlayStation 5 at launch but may in time buy an Xbox Series X later on. If it won’t fit, then perhaps they won’t. While there have been crazier marketing schemes in the past, it wouldn’t be all too surprising if that’s how these companies are attempting to protect their brand.

What do you think? Is the size of the PS5 a concern? Will you get rid of your older consoles to make room for the PlayStation 5?

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Kevin May (TheCleverPotato)

I was concerned about the size and shape of the XSX from the first time I saw an image. Even without measurements, one can speculate on the size from the size of the optical drive slot.
If I were a PS4 owner currently, i’d be worried about fitting that PS5 monster on my stand.

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