PlayStation 5 Teardown Video

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Big surprise from the folks at the today, they released an official teardown video exposing the internal workings of the PlayStation 5. The video has not been translated to English, but some of the video has subtitles to explain what is being done and labeled to point out specific components.

PlayStation 5 Teardown - No covers
PlayStation 5 Exposed

Any kind of write up of what was seen would not do the video justice as it’s enjoyable to watch if you are into the technology that goes behind what makes the PlayStation 5 a powerhouse. We wanted to point out a few key items from the video but you are more than welcome to skip to the bottom of the page to view the entire video.

We’ve seen many videos and stock shots showing the PlayStation 5 towering in an upright position much like the Xbox Series X but not too many on its side. Part of the teardown shows how the PlayStation 5 can be converted from a vertical configuration to a horizontal one which requires the removal and reattachment of the included stand. No big deal but much more work compared to the Xbox Series X method of just knocking it over.

Back in July, we brought up the fact that the PlayStation 5 may have interchangeable side panels to alleviate the color clash that will happen in many home entertainment systems. The video shows that both side panels separate from the console with nothing more than a push of a release tab, a slide, and click. For further proof, the PlayStation 5 looks extremely protected even when the covers are removed almost proving that the exterior panels are only decorative.

PlayStation 5 Teardown - CPU
PlayStation 5 CPU

After some more screws, fan removal, and the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive is removed, the motherboard is removed exposing the powerful CPU: x86-64 AMD Ryzen Zen 2, GPU: AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics chip, and 16GB GDDR6 RAM along with the systems integrated SSD. One thing to note is that the internal SSD is hardwired (soldered) directly to the board and is not user-replaceable.

The rest of the PlayStation 5 teardown is fairly lackluster as it shows the massive heatsink that is bonded to the CPU with liquid metal to enhance the heat transfer between the two as well as the secondary blower that helps circulate additional air.

Check out the entire PlayStation 5 teardown below. Don’t forget to check out all of our PlayStation 5 coverage leading up to the launch on November 12th.

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