Review: Among Us for the Nintendo Switch

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Do you find yourself playing Among Us on a mobile device for too long causing craps in your hands and fingers due to the onscreen controls? This isn’t a fault caused by Among Us by any means but of any game with on-screen controls. No matter the configuration they are absolutely terrible and unless you have a Bluetooth-connected controller, you’re going to feel it too. The problem that Among Us is responsible for us that it’s just so damn good! (Read our Among Us Review) which means playing for an extended time can get annoying which means the Among Us for the Nintendo Switch is the perfect fix!

There is absolutely nothing different about Among Us for the Nintendo Switch other than the input device but playing with physical controls makes the world of difference. If you happen to have a set of Joy-Cons that are drifting, you hate using them, or you want to play Among Us on the big screen, Among Us for the Nintendo Switch also supports the Pro Controller as well. All other on-screen controls, minus movement, remain so that players can communicate, chat, vote, and interact with the game in order to complete the in-game tasks just like they would on the mobile platforms.

Among Us for the Nintendo Switch is available for only $5.00 and works in TV mode, Tablet Mode, and Handheld mode. Cross-platform play is enabled which allows you to play with friends, family, and people across the globe regardless of what device they choose as Among Us will be available on even more devices in 2021. If you’re a fan or not, this 421 MB download is worth just giving it a try or having it on every device that you own. Beware. Nintendo Switch Online membership is required for online play.

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