Minecraft – My First Night 11 Years Ago

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I remember first hearing about Minecraft many years ago and thinking: “Graphics are terrible, concept is stupid, it’s never going to last.” Boy was I wrong. 11 years later I have clocked a lot of time on the PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and iPhone versions of Minecraft. Presently, myself and Martin (StarDoggedMoon) having been working on a survival Minecraft Realm for the past 4 years.

I remember the very first time I launched Minecraft and had no idea what was going on. Lots of trees and a few animals with the occasional friendly spider. As night fell, those the animals slowly disappeared and those spiders were clearly no longer friendly. Running from the spiders, skeletons and zombies started to spawn.

Good Night…Not so Sweet Dreams!

How do you save yourself as a newbie in Minecraft? Build a 3x3x3 mud hut with no windows and no doors. Starting to sound eerily familiar to the Haunted Mansion ride in Disney. Oh, and did I mention I was in pitch black darkness too? It’s not fun to sit in a black dark box for the night not knowing what to expect and what to do. Several times throughout the night I’d break a block to peak out and make sure it was safe so I could venture out again.

What seemed to be hours, if not days, was shy of 10 minutes. Somehow a Minecraft night is only 7-8 minutes plus dusk and dawn of about a minute. Surprisingly, I survived the night only to be blown up by something that went “SSsssss” and boom. This of course was the first of many deaths by Creeper thus beginning my hatred for Creepers.

All of this is but a distant memory now after 11 years later, 500 thousand+ blocks broken and millions of blocks travelled. Once again, Happy Birthday Minecraft and thank you for the many years of fun!

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