Taco Bell Xbox Series X Unboxing

Taco Bell Xbox Series X Contest

Reading Time: 2 minutes With just a day remaining to the launch of the Xbox Series X|S, many gamers have been awaiting their shipping notifications and watching FedEx and UPS websites while hitting the refresh buttons feverishly. I can’t say I haven’t been doing the same to both Target and FedEx, especially since Taco Bell shipped my Taco Bell …

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PlayStation 5 Unboxing – Horrid Experience

PlayStation 5 unboxing

Reading Time: 2 minutes I don’t know if you’ve had a minute to watch any of the PlayStation 5 unboxing videos today but you should definitely take a look. *Bleh* PlayStation has released the embargo on unboxing videos which means YouTube and tech sites have all been flooding the internet with these videos which include some commentary during the …

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Xbox Series X Unboxing & Warehouse Photos

Reading Time: 2 minutes With less than 30 days till the Xbox Series X|S release, it’s not surprising that Microsoft is well into production nor is it surprising to see pallets of Xbox’s sitting in warehouses pending shipment, but we’d never expect an Xbox Series X unboxing video yet. More than likely, many are already on their way to …

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Google Stadia Unboxing – Premiere Edition

Reading Time: < 1 minute Our first video is here – Google Stadia Unboxing – Premiere Edition. Bear with us as this is our first of many videos to come. With all the talk of the Xbox Series One and the PlayStation 5 merely 5-6 months away our sights have been turned back on to the Google Stadia in which …

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