Xbox Series X Unboxing & Warehouse Photos

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With less than 30 days till the Xbox Series X|S release, it’s not surprising that Microsoft is well into production nor is it surprising to see pallets of Xbox’s sitting in warehouses pending shipment, but we’d never expect an Xbox Series X unboxing video yet. More than likely, many are already on their way to retailers across the world as they prepare for the hordes of gamers that have secured their Xbox Series X|S pre-orders ahead of the November 10th launch.

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Today, there has been a plethora of photos released showing pallets of Xbox Series X either on their way out or received by retailers. Reddit users u/TheJasonNG posted the photo below on r/XboxSeriesX. The box in it’s typical Xbox green and black shows off the “Power Your Dreams” slogan from the Xbox Series X|S launch trailer.

At some point during the day, some of us caught a glimpse of, presumably, one of the first Xbox Series X unboxing videos to be posted online. SPOILER ALERT!! The Xbox Series X box opens like a clamshell to unveil the Xbox Series X much like an engagement ring in a ring box. The unit itself is wrapped and sealed in a black paper or plastic wrapping, with a printed cardboard/paperboard ribbon wrapped around that, emblazoned with the Xbox logo and “Power Your Dreams. Behind the Xbox Series X is a compartment that contains the included HDMI connector, power cord, and Xbox Wireless Controller with included batteries. Unfortunately, there isn’t much more to the video other than that but it’s a great video to watch if you can’t wait till November.

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