Clash of Clans Update to Townhall 13

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Clash of Clans, after all these years, is still trucking along and Supercell has released a slew of new updates known as quality of life (QOL) changes and new additional content to extend the life of the game for players nearing the endgame. Like many “tower defense” games there technically isn’t an endgame except when you “max out” your Townhall and remaining defense and troops.

Announced a few days ago and released today, known as the Autumn Update, additional Building and Troop levels are once again at the forefront of the update to drive TH13 players to keep upgrading and playing. In this update, the Archer Tower, Hidden Tesla, and Army Camp can now be upgraded to levels 19, 12, 11 respectively. Additionally, the Giant and Wizard can be upgraded to level 10 while the P.E.K.K.A can be bumped to level 9. Each of these troop upgrades will take 15 days while the Archer Tower and ARmy Camp will take 16 days followed by 17 days for the Hidden Tesla. Wow!

Sadly, to the demise of many, Supercell also is allowing an additional 100 walls to be upgraded to level 14 which as any Clasher should know, will take about 47 years to complete. Well played Supercell, well played!

Two new Super Troops have also been released: the Super Valkyrie and the Super Minion. Both of these Super Troops will run you 60,000 Dark Elixir to boost.

  • Super Valkyrie: “Like her less-angry, non-Super version, the Super Valkyrie carries a massive axe which helps maintain momentum during her whirlwinds of destruction. Not only does the Super Valkyrie do more damage, when she is destroyed she drops a Rage Spell, allowing other friendly units to benefit from the spell’s effects.”
  • Super Minion: “Like the other Minion variants, the Super Minion is an air unit. However, due to his…stoutness…the Super Minion does deal more damage and has more hit points but unlike their non-Super counterpart, they cannot avoid Seeking Air Mines. What makes the Super Minion different apart from his larger size, the Super Minion carries a rocket launcher that gives its first shots longer-range making this mobile artillery unit an excellent sniper!”

There are also a few minor Quality of Life (QOL) improvements that were added as well that will make the game more enjoyable for some. Perfect timing alongside the release of the Super Valkyrie, Super Troops, will no longer have a cooldown period of 7 days. Players will be able to purchase and buy the same Super Troop over and over.

Players will no longer be able to “snooze” the Heroes as they will always defend the village and will automatically heal after taking damage as well. This will work just like the way the Inferno Towers, X-Bows, and other reloadable defenses automatically reset. Siege Machines also got tweaked a bit as they will continue even if the last troop has been destroyed.

Finally, included in the Autumn Clash of Clans Update, there were a number of balancing changes that are too many to cover. You can read all of those changes on You can get full details and specs of the new troop and building levels along with the Super Troops.

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