Clash of Clans Update – Town Hall 13 + New Hero!

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The Clash of Clans December update is coming, presumably, sometime this week and its massive! This update is touted as being one of the biggest if not the biggest. It certainly is the biggest that I have seen since I started playing in 2013. This update is going to keep your sixth builder very busy!

Clash of Clans is getting an all new Town Hall 13 which is also bringing a new troop, new siege machine, new levels and a new hero! These updates were needed as the end game was nigh for a large number of players. This update brings not only the TH13 but many new updates for the TH12. There won’t be any new troops or buildings but many new levels for existing troops, spells, and defensive buildings. The TH12 update adds at least 4-5 months of casual gameplay to be ready for TH13.

Town Hall 13 – Details

Town Hall 13 will have a “Dark Elixir and Ice” theme and will change to a Giga Inferno replacing the Giga Tesla. In order to upgrade to TH13 the Giga Tesla must be level 5. TH13 is going to cost 12 million gold and time to upgrade will be approximately 18 days.

The Giga Inferno will be a multi-target defense building. Once the Giga Inferno is defeated, it releases a “Haze of Ice” bomb that explodes slowing all troops in the damage area.

Hero Upgrades + Royal Champion

The Barbarian King and the Archer Queen’s level cap increases 5 levels and the Grand Warden increases 10. As mentioned earlier, a new hero approaches: the Royal Champion. This hero will also take Dark Elixir to upgrade and will have the special ability: ‘Seeking Shield’. This ‘Seeking Shield’ seeks out up to 4 defenses regardless of distance. Has a hero ever fallen before being able to use their ability? Well, no more! All heroes will gain the ‘Auto-Ability’ which will be activated when they are close to death. Yes!

And much much more…

This update includes even more like the Siege Barracks, the new troop Yeti with his Yetimites, the new building Scattershot, and much much more… Too much for me to include in this article. I am by no means an expert but the folks over at House of Clashers are. They have an huge amount of information + videos for TH13. Check out House of Clashers’ Town Hall 13 Update write up . House of Clashers is an incredible gamers guide to Clash of Clans. Check it out!

What do you think about the new update? Guess I will spend more time with Town Hall 12 now…

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