Xbox Series X Named, Coming Holiday 2020

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Project Scarlett finally has a name and a design! We’re about a year out and we now know the name of the next-gen Microsoft console. Microsoft confirmed their newest family member to the Xbox line will be released Holiday 2020 and will be called the Xbox Series X. Certainly more creative than Sony’s PlayStation 5 but in-line with Apple’s current iPhone naming convention. DOH! Hopefully we won’t see a Xbox Series X Pro Max version the year after. Also, what is the acronym that we are going to use? XXX? XBX? XSX?

The design is basic yet interesting in it’s minimalistic way. Bathed in the Xbox black, this console can lay vertically or horizontally. It features a large vent grid on at least one side. If you were worried that MS was going full digital, its not going to be the case here as you can easily see the DVD slot. Check out the high resolution photo of the console.

The XBX will pump out 4K visuals in 60FPS and include support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). According to the release, Microsoft says that new console will potentially be able to push out 120FPS and have 8K capability with their custom-designed processor using RDNA architecture from their partners at AMD. Microsoft is still pushing their next-generation SSD that they claim will “virtually eliminate load times.” I’ll believe that when I see it. Microsoft reiterated that the next-gen console will be backwards compatible with four generations of games.

A new controller?

Surprisingly, Microsoft announced a re-tooled Xbox Wireless Controller. The size and shape were refined to allow a wider range of people. Taking a page out of Nintendo’s book, the new controller will feature a share button that will allow players to capture screenshots and clips with ease. The new controller will feature an updated D-Pad. If you’re familiar with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, the new D-Pad is a cross between the cross and dish type. Like the Xbox Series X, the will also be backwards compatible with the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs and be included with the new console.

Check out the Xbox Series X – World Premiere trailer below:

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