Project Scarlett, Next-gen console

Project Scarlett, the Next-Gen Xbox Announced

“A device optimized for gaming”, that’s what gamers wanted and that’s what Microsoft says it’s delivering.

Project Scarlett, the next-gen Xbox console is slated to be ready by holiday 2020 alongside Halo Infinite. As expected Project Scarlett is packed with specs to blow the current gen consoles out of the water with up to 120 frames per second performance and will feature hardware accelerated raytracing, variable refresh rate, 8K capability and ultra-low latency input.

Other hardware specs include:

  • Custom designed AMD CPU Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture
  • GDDR6 – High Bandwidth memory
  • Next-gen solid state drive (SSD)

No other details were given as they are approximately a year and a half from launch. Take a look at the reveal video from the E3 2019 Xbox Briefing. Please note you’ll have to login as there is some age appropriate content.

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