iOS xCloud Ends Early

Xbox Live App Logo

Microsoft’s development and testing of its xCloud service for iOS, which has been out and available for testing by iOS users since early this year, has come to an end earlier than expected. We learned first today via about the termination of the xCloud for iOS services, likely disappointing droves of excited iOS and …

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Xbox Live Gold Annual Is No More

Xbox Series X Boot Animation

Its been a good run, but it looks like big changes could be coming to Microsoft Xbox’s various subscription services. The first victim? The Xbox Live Gold program. The first sacrifice made to the digital services gods? The 12-month Xbox Live Gold Annual membership. We learned initially vie a tweet by @gamespot today that it …

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Project xCloud Coming September

E3 2019 Announced Project xCloud

Project xCloud has been in beta for quite some time, and appears to be ready for the main-stream this September. If you’re not familiar with Project xCloud, this is Microsoft’s game streaming service that enables players to play Xbox games anywhere you go, and across a variety of devices. Today, Microsoft finally announced pricing for …

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Microsoft Project xCloud Coming This October

E3 2019 Announced Project xCloud

While we didn’t get much new information it was revealed that the xCloud streaming platform will be available in October. While we’ve known about the Project xCloud, which is Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Stadia. Microsoft’s Project xCloud and Google’s Stadia is said to be a video game streaming service which puts all the computing power …

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