Project xCloud Coming September

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Project xCloud has been in beta for quite some time, and appears to be ready for the main-stream this September. If you’re not familiar with Project xCloud, this is Microsoft’s game streaming service that enables players to play Xbox games anywhere you go, and across a variety of devices. Today, Microsoft finally announced pricing for their streaming service.

If you are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, then Project xCloud will be included at no additional cost. Pricing for Game Pass Ultimate is currently: $1 the first month, then $14.99 a month afterwards. Not only does it included unlimited access to 100+ console and PC games, it also includes same day releases to Xbox Game Studio games, Xbox Live Gold, and will now feature the highly anticipated xCloud streaming service.

Microsoft also wants you to know that they have your back, and will support you and your gaming needs for years to come as Microsoft says, “You are the future of gaming.” Xbox Game Studio games released over the next couple of years will be available for Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

In order to further support the breadth of Xbox One titles, they are looking to have backwards compatibility for every Xbox One game that doesn’t require the Kinect at launch. Even the Xbox Elite Controller and Xbox Adaptive Controller will work with the Xbox Series X.

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