Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming on 10 Disc Box Set

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If you are among the older readers in the crowd, then you, no doubt, have fond memories of acquiring (ehem, “buying”) new games or programs to use or play on a home PC/Mac. Legitimately obtained (or not), you brought that game home, (like Flight Simulator) and then had to engage in the time-consuming task of installing the software.

What, you say, is so time-consuming about sticking a disc into the CD (DVD) drive and letting it do its thing?

Well, for one thing, the transfer speeds on a 1x CD drive or a 3 1/2″ floppy drive (GASP!) were not, fast. Despite the hard-wired connection to the computer, today’s SLOWEST ISPs still transfer data at vastly superior speeds, by comparison.

Of course, those were simpler times. When Microsoft Flight Simulator X came out, in 2006, high speed internet was not what it is today. There were no Tbps connections available to the average consumer. Games also didn’t take up 100 GB of storage.

So before today’s digital game stores, steaming service and cloud-based gaming, there was just one way to get these larger games onto your home computer : Discs. And lots of them.

Its not common-place today to see games that constitute or even warrant a box set. Most console games that gamers buy really contain a disc as more of a license than as physical storage for the game data. Many of these games still require large downloads to play.

Which is why is was astonishing to learn yesterday from an article we originally read on IGN that Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming in a 10 disc set!

“Insert Next Disc, please…”

Microsoft will be making available for retail purchase a boxed edition of the latest in the Flight Simulator franchise which will contain 10 double-layer DVDs, carrying the entirety of the game – a total of roughly 90 GB of installation files.

In a post on it’s official forums, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Mathijis Kok of Aerosoft, Microsoft’s retail partner for the Flight Simulator title, explained that the boxed copy will contain “10 (!) double-layer DVD’s and a printed manual in a spectacular box.”

Indications are that, aside from the physical media, the boxed version is identical to the digital download versions. To the benefit of users with slow internet connections, which might require hours worth of download times and eat up large quantities of some individuals ISP data packages, and to those fans of the series who desire a physical product to collect (dust), there seems to be enough of a demand to justify the expense of designing and printing box, manual, and discs.

There was no word in the forum post that suggested a price differential and/or how much of a premium buyers will pay to purchase the physical media, but Mathijis Kok noted in a reply to this question that “it is very close to the price you Microsoft (for the digital version.)”

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s scheduled release date is August 18 in the Microsoft store. It will be available exclusively for Windows PC’s, and starts at $59.99 for the standard edition (which is also included “free” with a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, on the Xbox Game Pass for PC (beta) app.

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It’ll feel like you’re installing Windows 95 by floppy disk all over again.

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