xCloud Beta Expands to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Users

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Cloud gaming is going mainstream August 11th as the Microsoft xCloud beta will be expanding. Microsoft announced that the beta will be opening up August 11th to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Members with a full launch on September 15th.

In a statement to The Verge, Microsoft explained they are “entering a limited beta period to ensure a smooth transition to cloud gaming to the Xbox Game Pass app on Android.” To repeat …Xbox Game Pass App on Android. As we mentioned a few days earlier, Project xCloud will not be coming to Apple products due to Apple’s App Store policies and had abruptly left beta on Apple devices. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem we will see a change of heart from Apple anytime soon as Google Stadia and Steam have both had issues getting onto the platform.

According to The Verge, the beta will not include the entire breadth of streaming titles but about 30+ titles to test. If you’re interested to test Microsoft’s cloud gaming and have an Android device then make sure to download the Xbox Game Pass (beta) app from the Google Play Store before the beta ends on September 11th.

The question remains, will Apple’s App Store tactics and xCloud gaming cause Apple users to switch? Is it worth it to make Xbox a now portable device? I’ve been an Apple user since the iPhone 3GS and honestly… I am thinking about it.

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