Are PS5 Leaks from 4chan Poster Dubious?

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I reported here yesterday on PS5 leaked details that were thrown up online by an Anonymous 4chan poster. I got super-excited about some of those details. Like many others, I love new specs, and it was the knee-jerk reaction of a middle-age video game fanboy.

Here is the thing though. That middle-aged fanboy calmed down and this whole situation got me thinking about the methodology, credibility and reliability of the information being shared to 4chan, by an ANONYMOUS poster. Sure, if this individual is an insider at Sony and is leaking information, they naturally don’t want to be caught. That could be very bad for them legally. So I get the anonymous post, if they are legit.

As I went back to the source material that I referred to after reading the original piece I stumbled across on BGR, a thought occurred to me. I re-read the following comments from Anonymous.

“>PS5 will launch worldwide in October 2020. Priced at $499 USD / £449 UK / €449 EU / ¥54,999 JP
>Launching in one model only. No “pro” model at launch
>Specs to be almost on par with Xbox Series X (which will be $100 more), and more powerful than Xbox Lockhart (a console that’s $100 less with 4TFlops of compute power compared to the PS5’s 10TFlops)”

Things that make you go hmmmm…

Does anyone else wonder what I am wondering here? If we suppose that the leaker MUST have some sort of reliable information on the PlayStation 5 specs, release date and pricing, than we should also reasonably conclude that person must be on the INSIDE of Sony. That being the case, how would that individual have any reliable details on the Xbox Series X as well? How would they KNOW that the PS5 will come in at about $100 less (or the Xbox Series X at $100 more)? They can’t possibly be on the inside of both Sony and Microsoft, unless the leaker is a secret double agent working deep within the corporate behemoths that these companies are.

PS5 leaks or pointing out the obvious?

Backward compatibility for games from prior PlayStation console versions? This is a fantastic idea and, if it is truly the case that PS5 will play the prior generations discs, this would be a wondrous and beautiful thing (especially for recycled game retailers, like Gamestop). However cross-generational compatibility is also not unheard of. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all have hundreds of games available for free and purchase to download via their respective online stores.

Stream your consoles games to another device? Also a great idea, but Microsoft has had this in testing via their Insider program since October of last year, and they just opened the test environment up to their upper tier Xbox Insider testing “rings” today. So it seems Sony exploring this tech would be far from surprising as a “leak” since the Xbox is already testing it on their current-gen consoles.

What the hell is a teraflop?

On the tech side, speculation about “10 Tflops” of graphics processing power is not way out there. The PS4 console runs at 1.84 and the PS4 pro version more than doubled this to 4.2 Tflops. According to Mark Cerny of Sony in this 2016 Interview with Japanese site AVWatch, for solid 4k Gaming, 8 Tflops was a must. This was over three years ago, before the PS5 was little more than some rough notes in a “future tech” file at Sony. Currently, a modestly priced Nvidia GTX1080 processor is running 9 Tflops. I’d be surprised if, by the time Sony and Xbox put the finish touches on their new consoles, that one or both have not integrated new ray-tracing graphics processors into their chipsets, especially if they are seeking to break into the 8k gaming market.

So what’s the point? While the information offered up has peaked many interests, a lot of the information isn’t really all THAT revolutionary and, unless the leaker is in fact an industrial spy double-agent at Sony and Microsoft, this information seems more likely to be logical speculation on some random poster’s part.

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