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I need to get away from Clash of Clans and I was hoping that Apple Arcade would take me away but really hasn’t until I found Mini Motorways. The best way to describe it is like playing SimCity 4 but take away everything but the traffic. Yes, I know that sounds terrible but I can assure you this game will give you hours of fun.

Your job is to build roads to ensure all traffic flows smoothly and your metropolis grows. Mini Motorways starts off with one residential building and one commercial building. The residents want to get to the commercial area so you have to build a road to connect them. Each of these buildings are color coded as well. Sounds simple until more of these building randomly pop up and you have to continue to build roads. You have a finite amount of roads so you have to be careful how you place them. You also have to be careful how you place them as you can create traffic jams and intersections or areas of merging.

As you progress through the game and more commuters traverse your city you not only get more roads you also get things like traffic lights, motorways, and bridges. The challenge is that you have to choose what you want based on how your city is doing. Do you want a bridge to cross the waterway or do you need a motorway to travel quickly across the city? Perhaps a traffic light will cause the bottleneck in the middle to end?

As of this writing there are 6 cities to play in. Each city has their own complicated geography and different number of commercial/residential building colors. The gameplay is simple, the graphics are clean and just a whole lot of fun to play. Stop what you are doing, subscribe to Apple Arcade and download Mini Motorways right now.

Mini Motorways is developed by Dinosaur Polo Club and is available on Apple iOS devices including Apple TV through Apple Arcade. You can also download it via Steam for PC.

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