“Fortnite” Producer, Epic Games Sued by Parents

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Nope, you’re not reading ‘The Onion’ this is real news. A Montreal based law firm proposed a class action lawsuit led by two parents against Epic Games for failure to warn that “Fortnite” is as addictive as cocaine.

The lawsuit alleges, according to USAToday, that “Fortnite” was developed by psychologists and statisticians over the course of four years “to develop the most addictive game possible.” The lawsuit alleges that playing “Fortnite” for long periods of time releases dopamine, a pleasure hormone and can be addictive. Therefore, it’s causing children to purchase in-game emotes, loot boxes, as well as other in-game items that cost real money.

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Where are these kids parents? Why do they have access to credit cards? Parents need to take responsibility for their kids and parent them accordingly. Parental controls on gaming consoles, PC/Mac and internet routers have controls that can limit access. Routers, like Google Wi-Fi, have usage controls that can limit access by device and/or time. These are great tools that help parents monitor usage but is a good substitute for good parenting.

I’ve heard parents say before ” I can’t get them off the computer!” Yes you can. Unplug the damn thing and throw it in the street if it’s that bad. You are the parent. Take responsibility for your kids and take control.

I can only hope that this lawsuit doesn’t make it past the preliminary stage. Lawsuits like this will stifle the gaming industry and cause developers and publishers to think twice before releasing a new style of game.

/End Rant

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