Master Builder Leaving & Builder Hall 9 Coming to Clash of Clans

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Leave it to Supercell to make an announcement through an animated short. Builder Hall 9 is coming to the Builder Base on Clash of Clans which will bring new buildings, new upgrades and more walls (great….). No mention of when this is going to be released but it’s probably going to be released with the June Update… hopefully.

The video also shows that the Master Builder is packing it up and leaving the Builder Base leaving a small builder robot in his place. It’s presumed that the Master Builder is head back to the regular base via his Barbarian transport. Does this mean we will get a 6th builder in the main base or does the Master Builder have another project in store like he did with ability to “Gear Up” certain buildings like the Mortar, Cannon and the Archer Tower.

Whatever the Master Builder has in store for us will undoubtedly be a welcomed addition to Clash of Clans which was released on the Apple iPhone 7 years ago in 2012 and for Android devices in 2013 and is still going strong.

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