E3 2019 Nintendo Direct Today @ 12p ET

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Today is the day that many of you Nintendo fans have been waiting for. Starting at 12p ET / 9a PT is the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct showcasing all the new Nintendo Switch games that are coming soon. While there have been a lot of rumors regarding what Nintendo will be releasing, all should be confirmed or squashed by this afternoon.

Immediately following the Nintendo Direct is the Treehouse Live event where they are go further in detail on some of the announced new games. We know we are going to see more of the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield title but what else are we going to see? Are going to get Keanu Reeves as a Super Smash Bros. character? What about the new rumored mini versions of the Nintendo Switch.

Stay tuned till 12p ET / 9a PT and watch the live stream below.

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