Nintendo Entertainment System See Through Build

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The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is arguable one of, if not the, most iconic video game console of all time. I remember opening my first NES and playing Super Mario Bros. for hours. Sadly, I also remember selling my NES thinking I had no need for such an archaic system as I had upgraded to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The only system that I would love to have more than the NES is a clear NES.

This video is just about a year old but somehow is making the rounds now. YouTuber Bithead1000 strips down an old Nintendo Entertainment System that is showing it’s age and turns it into an acrylic beauty. Surprisingly, even though the innards of the NES are nothing spectacular, this is one NES I would absolutely love to have this alongside my Xbox One.

Bithead1000 makes it look easy and I wouldn’t mind giving this a shot myself but I know that it would end up not looking anything close to this final project. Everything in the NES is like what the original except that they removed the faraday cage. At the end of the video it appears to work perfectly with no interference. I am not electromagician, but perhaps the TVs of today are not susceptible to the sort of interference radiation that the Nintendo gave off. In any event it’s a quick build and enjoyable to watch.

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Kevin May (TheCleverPotato)

I still have an NES buried somewhere…. Though I’m missing about $1000 worth of tools that this guy uses in the video.

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