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All the attention around Xbox right now is being hogged by the release of the Xbox Series X|S, due out in just a week. That isn’t the only thing that is going on over at Microsoft in Xbox News. Here are this weeks’ new Xbox Game Pass game releases. There is some great stuff in here that is definitely worth giving a try, and can help fill up the time and distract you between now and when you (if you are so lucky) are unwrapping that new Xbox Series X|S console next week.

Celeste – November 5th

Celeste Game Traiiler

Celeste is a platformer from Canadian developer and publisher Matt Makes Games, Inc. In Celeste, the player plays as the main character, Madeline, who is trying to “survive her inner demons on her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain. Celeste is a single-player, story/narrative-driven game, drawn in the manner of other retro-indie style games, featuring brightly colorful platforms and backdrops, a maze of adventures to follow through the game narrative, and numerous “B-Side” levels to unlock. The title features 2+ hours of original game soundtrack, and features, apparently, “Pie.” A basic set of controls keeps the gameplay simple to learn, but also allows for “layers of expressive depth to master,” according to the games’ makers.

Celeste is available on Xbox Game Pass for Android via Xbox Cloud Gaming, PC and Xbox Console

Comanche – November 5th

Image Credit : THQ Nordic AB

Comanche is a shooter that is set sometime in the near future, and featuring a modern (though fictional), high-tech Comanche RAH-66 helicopter in a helicopter combat sim. Comanche features an “evolving single-player mode,” as well as team-based, multiplayer modes, where combatants can test their helicopter dogfighting creds with and against players from all over the world. Fly in various landscapes, and fly an assortment of missions where the player is either aggressor or defender.

Comanche is available through Xbox Game Pass Beta for PC and will be launched on Nov 5th with day 1 Game Pass access.

Deep Rock Galactic – November 5th

Deep Rock Galactic, from developer Ghost Ship Games and publisher Coffee Stain Publishing, is a 1 to 4 player co-op first-person sci-fi shooter. The Employees of Deep Rock Galactic, a space mining company, are attempting the “complete subjugation of the planet Hoxxes IV,” apparently the “single most dangerous planet in the galaxy,” in order to harvest the richest of mineral deposits that are contained within the planet. The game’s features tongue-in-cheek humor, treating the player as a new, hard-working employee tasked with exploring and mining the riches of space, while also being able to achieve promotions and move up the galactic corporate ladder (on Earth, we call this “leveling-up.”)

Image Credit : Ghost Ship Games

Deep Rock Galactic was originally released in 2018, and will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for Android, PC and Console.

Eastshade – November 5th

Image Credit – Eastshade Studios

Eastshade is the story of a painter, traveling and exploring the island of Eastshade. Your goal is to capture the world around you on the canvas you paint on, using your artist’s easel. Eastshade is a first-person open-world game of exploration, where you travel your world finding various scenes and capturing the world on your canvas for the games’ various characters. You interact with various characters, learning about the various characters’ lives, and taking in the story. Eastshade features elements of problem-solving where the player must work out ways to get to various places in the open world on their quest for the next subject of their artwork. Eastshade features beautifully drawn, detailed scenery for the player to be emersed in.

Eastshade, by Eastshade Studios, will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for Android, PC and Console.

Knights and Bikes – November 5th

Knights and Bikes, from Foam Sword Games has been out since 2019, but is new to the Xbox Game Pass for console and PC. The title is the first from Foam Sword Games and features adventure for 1- and 2-player local gameplay. The title is a “coming-of-age story” about the game’s main characters, Nessa and Demelza. Taking place on a fictional British island in the 1980s, the two, accompanied by their pet goose and an undead knight, form a bicycle club and go on adventures. Knights and Bikes is classified as a “hand-painted action-adventure”, wherein the player(s) quest for lost treasures and explore the world around them, inspired by the style of classic coming-of-age adventure, The Goonies.

Knights and Bikes – Launch Trailer

Knights and Bikes is available November 5th on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console.

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