Fallout 76 beta

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Before I begin I must emphasize that I’ve been beta testing games for many years so I am aware of the allure of being able to play a game before everyone else. In fact, it’s pretty damn awesome!

In case you didn’t know, a beta is a pre-release test of an unfinished game prior to the release to work out any bugs. There are many different tests that go on but generally during the final stages of game development there is a pre-alpha test, an alpha test and finally a beta test. Normally alpha testing is done in house by the developers but there is usually many different phases within an actual beta phase like a closed beta or a stress test where they get as many people on the server to see what it can handle successfully.

To join a beta test you would normally fill out an application on the developer’s website answering a few questions in such a way that the developers know you are serious about testing and may in fact contribute and report bugs. Again, the reason for pre-release testing (Beta tests) is to work out all the kinks before release.

Fallout 76 preorder

Last week I caught wind that the Fallout 76 beta was starting and I was quite excited because, not only did I want to try Fallout 76, I also genuinely enjoy beta testing. I googled the developers website posthaste only to find that you have to pay for the beta…. wait, what?! In order to be in the beta, the only phase of beta, as in there will be no general beta, you must preorder the game to get into the beta. Well isn’t that a load of bu……

While I admit I realize you’re not exactly paying for the beta since pre-order amount paid would go to the amount of the game it still kinda bothered me. Are they going to be leading a path on how betas are done? Is this a better way to get true testers who are familiar with the content? Will this only attract fanboys that want to play right away without waiting and couldn’t care less of how many bugs are left. Or is this just another haphazard money grab from a blood thirsty publisher?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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