“That’s what you get when you mess with a man in a shark costume!”:Dead Rising 4 and the Complete and Utter Betrayal to Co-Op Gaming.

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To paraphrase the great John Goodman in what is probably one of the greatest pieces of cinema…“This is what you get Capcom! This is what you get when you BLEEP a stranger in the BING BONG!”

Yep, the game has been out for quite a while now and this article may seem outdated as a result but Gluten Mifflin and I had not yet ventured into the glamorous world of games reviews and we certainly did not have this site. This article is going to less of a review however, and more of an opinion piece how co-op gaming as a genre is being completely overlooked or mistreated.

Dead Rising 3 Shark Outfit

Let me be clear about what I personally mean by Co-Op gaming because while I do enjoy many of the components to cooperative play that multiplayer games offer, they are not what I consider true co-op. True co-op to me means the two (could be more) players move through the events of a games story progressing towards a singular goal. The goal could simply be the next checkpoint in a more linear game or a mission in an open world game. I would classify games such as Gears of War, Halo, Far Cry 5 and of course, Dead Rising 3.

Christmas morning, 2013…opening presents with the family, my turn comes and lo and behold I tear the wrapping open to reveal a brand new sparkling copy of one of the most fun co-op game I would ever play. I pop it into the Xbox One, then go off to eat breakfast while it loads. Later on that day I am smushing a horde of zombies underneath the barrel of my steamroller and all of a sudden in pops Gluten Mifflin riding on the back. That day would start the first of many play throughs. I’d go on to don my shark costume and earn my catchphrase, a fat lady on a scooter in a buffet would try to murder us, and we’d spend some amount of time beating each other with dildos. Good times.

Over time we had gotten our fill and moved on to some other games but soon enough word of Dead Rising 4 came out. Best of all it was gonna be set during the Christmas season so it would be like playing in Die Hard, or Reindeer Games. As more and more news of the game reached our ears it became apparent that the co-op aspect was going to be changed. This was hugely disappointing news but we were still optimistic and trusted Capcom to do right by the game as they did with Dead Rising 3. We thought, “Why would they change something that worked out so well and was so much fun?”. Boy were we wrong!

Dead Rising 4 is a fun game, don’t get me wrong. It plays very similar to 3 and has the zany costumes and weapons for you to have fun with. The co-op aspect of the game however is a complete and utter betrayal to not only Dead Rising 3 but to co-op gamers as well. How could you go from being able to enjoy the entire game with a friend to what was essentially just running around a mall with a group of friends? And with no real goal the game for me can not be classified as co-op. Dead Rising 4 is an example of multiplayer at its worse. Gone were the fat women on scooters, gone were the dildos and of course gone was the fun. The omission of the co-op campaign would essentially ruin the game for me. As I attempted to play through I’d get to spots where I’d think about how awesome it would be to do in co-op so I just stopped popping the game in to play. Now the disc just sits on a shelf collecting dust, maybe one day I’ll smash it up, like John Goodman did to that car.

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