Left 4 Dead 3…Where are you?

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I would have to say that Left 4 Dead was the first game that got me to love co-op gaming. This game also changed my views on a genre that I hated…zombies. Ugh!

If you’re not familiar with Left 4 Dead, its a 4 player co-op zombie survival game. There are 4 survivors that need to get from safe house to safe house until the final epic battle to get onto the chopper. What made this even more interesting (read: hard) was the inclusion of special zombie types like the Tank, Smoker, and the Witch who all had certain abilities which forced the players to play together.

Valve launched Left 4 Dead in November of 2008 and sold approximately 3 million units by September 2009. L4D was met with such rave reviews like ‘Best Multiplayer Game of the Year’ by IGN and GameSpy and a Metacritic rating of 89/100. This game was a winner by all accounts. So much a winner that Valve launched Left 4 Dead 2 November 2009 which also sold 3 million copies, scored 89/100 on Metacritic and received the ‘Best Xbox 360 Game’ award at the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough the entire Left 4 Dead franchise sold 11 million units by August 11th, 2011. Successful enough? I think so.

So where is Left 4 Dead 3? Not much in terms of news other than a job posting on Turtle Rock Studios, formerly Valve South, looking for a ‘Senior Level Designer’ on a globally known franchise. Is that the mythical Half Life 3? Is that an Evolve sequel? Or is that the elusive and much missed franchise Left 4 Dead?

Fingers crossed it’s Left 4 Dead!!!

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