Turtle Rock Studios is hiring.. More Left 4 Dead 3 speculation

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If you are a budding developer looking to work on a AAA franchise like Left 4 Dead, Evolve and Counter-Strike then Turtle Rock Studios is looking for you!

Adding more fuel to the fire that is the L4D rumor mill, Turtle Rock Studies announced via Twitter that they are looking for a Senior Backend Developer for an unannounced AAA title.  This AAA title could be, as many of us have speculated, Left 4 Dead 3, Half-Life 3 or the next sequel to Evolve.

While this has all been nothing more than wishful thinking there is still some hope in a recent reply to us and @StarDoggedMoon:

Hopefully, given the fact we’ve only been asking about L4D3 that’s what it means.  Hey we can dream right?  Ready for one more possible hint that a new Left 4 Dead is coming?  Take a look at this tweet.

Now zoom in to the back wall…

Is this Turtle Rock Studios hinting to us that that is their next AAA title in the works or is this just a mere coincidence?

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