Left 4 Dead Developer Turtle Rock Studios looking for a character artist

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Here we go again… Turtle Rock Studios is hard at work on some AAA IP that remains a “secret” and is now looking for a Character Artist to “create realistic, believable and visually stunning characters and creatures.” We have our own ideas as to what that IP could be here at Super Co-Op Bros but you be the judge.

Turtle Rock Studios is an award-winning independent game developer best known for its work on AAA franchises like Left 4 Dead, Evolve, and Counter-Strike. We are a diverse team of inspired content creators, artists and engineers who share a passion for making fun, innovative games that gamers love to play.

Turtle Rock Studios is seeking a talented Character Artist to work on our top-secret AAA title. You will work closely with all team members to create realistic, believable and visually stunning characters and creatures. The ideal candidate will be a great team player who is self-motivated and can thrive in a collaborative environment.

If you’re in the market for a new job and have what it takes you can apply here.

*Whispering*… Please be “Left 4 Dead 3” please…please… please?

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