Weekend Gaming – What we’re playing…

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I hope that everyone has recovered from engorging on their stuffed fowl and all the trimmings. It’s Friday and that means it’s time for some gaming!

Here is what we’re playing this weekend:

  • Sea of Thieves
  • Clash of Clans
  • Minecraft

We’ve added a new member of our crew in Sea of Thieves and have improved on our sea fairing ability. Now we can expand our horizons and take on harder quests and hopefully score some booty to purchase some cosmetic items for ourselves and ships.

Clan Games have just started in Clash of Clans and have some really nice rewards for all tiers. My clan and I are now hard at work to hit 50,000 points to reach the top tier. There is also big Black Friday deals going on for Dark Troops, 5X star bonus, as well as some great in-game store boosts.

We’re continuing our expansion of our Minecraft Realm and working on our rendition of Endor as well as our underwater city. We’ve made some great progress but is taking a lot of times since everything is built while in ‘Survival’. There is no creative mode here.

Let us know what you’re playing in the comments section below!

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