Online Play for Red Dead Redemption 2 Starts this Week…

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It’s a little complicated but essentially the release date for all players is Friday, November 30th, while other players will be able to play a few days earlier depending on certain conditions…

If you bought the Ultimate edition you get to play 3 days earlier on Tuesday (11/27). If you played on the date of release, which was Oct. 26, you can go online on Wednesday (11/28). And, if you played the weekend of release, then Thursday (11/29) is your day.

Nevertheless, we here at SuperCo-OpBros couldn’t be more excited about this news!!! While the online part of the game will not offer players a true co-op experience due to it being a separate entity from the story mode, there will be plenty for you and your friends to do in the multiplayer mode that will provide a more personal experience.

You will start your career as a cowboy by customizing your avatar. This can be either an overall enjoyable experience or an introspective journey into hell as you try to make your character somewhat reflect your own image as you then begin to realize that you are actually ugly as fuck.

You can then choose to venture out into the world on your own or team up with a group of friends. You can can hunt outlaws and bandits or choose to become the villain yourself. All the same mechanics that you experienced in the campaign will be there, the only difference is that this is your story now.

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