Fighting the Wither – Minecraft – a Co-Op moment

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Today StarDoggedMoon and I decided to take a break from exploring and building on our Minecraft Realm and take on the Wither, which we have never done. I am not even sure whose idea it really was but we immediately agreed and got started planning right away. We obviously knew what the Wither was and how to summon it, we just didn’t know what to expect.

Before the Wither

The plan of action was to suit up in armor and create some potions to bolster our defense. We set out equipped with enchanted iron armor, iron swords, few resistance and strength potions. At first we planned on summoning the Wither inside one of the “Mordor’s” empty rooms, but our research had shown us that they are even more destructive than Creepers, multiple Creepers. Wtf?!

This can’t end well...
This can’t end well…

We went out to find a flat open field, set up some defensive columns and summon it. Four pieces of soul sand and three Wither Skeleton heads later the sky went black and we were face to face with… the Wither. Immediately StarDoggedMoon was being pummeled by the Wither’s projectiles, which he was occasionally able to knock back like a Ghast’s fireball. Any missed projectile that didn’t connect with StarDoggedMoon or get knocked back to the Wither hit the ground and exploded like a TNT block. Before we knew it the entire area was now pox-marked and nearly more dangerous that the MOB since we were now falling great distances and getting trapped.

After the Wither

Little did we know this would be the end of the Wither because as the aggro’d person fell this caused the Wither to come closer to the ground where I could hack my way to “The Beginning” achievement which meant that the Wither was dead.

Both of us started screaming as if our team had just won the Super Bowl and both agreed this was the most fun/action we’ve had in Minecraft in a very long time since Minecraft has never been an “action” game unlike Terraria which has many different boss mobs and events. As a team we came together and fought a common foe. The epitome of Co-Op gaming…

Best part was that neither of us were streaming or recording this awesome event. D’oh! Luckily we do have a back up of the world that was before most of our builds.

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