Wii Shop Channel Closing Jan. 30th

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Back in 2017 Nintendo announced that on January 30th, 2019 the Wii Shop Channel will be closed. Two years ago it was a shock but…whatever… it wasn’t happening for two years. Well now that time has come. In less than a week the Wii Shop Channel is done.

Wii Shop Channel Closing Jan. 30

So what exactly does this mean for owners of the Wii or Wii U? It means that while the shop is up and running players will still be able to spend Wii Points, download content, and transfer media from the Wii to the Wii U. It also means, however, that players who wait too long may wind up losing the opportunity forever.

Is this the first time that a major console has had a store closing since the end of the Sega Channel? I’m too lazy to check, but I am really conflicted about this closure even though I no longer own a Wii. Being a realist, I know that a service like this cannot run forever. At the end of the day the shop still needs to make money and with so many fans having moved on to Wii U, 3DS, and Nintendo Switch that may not be feasible. The cost to run the shop Wii Shop Channel will simply exceed the sales it generates. Is 12 years too long for a service when it feels so young? Am I crazy??

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