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Kingdom Hearts III Review Roundup

Kingdom Hearts III released in Japan in January 25th and many media outlets, excluding us, have received their review copies which means the reviews are hitting the net. Overall the reviews are good, details below.

Polygon’s review seems a bit more on the negative side stating the worlds seem like “lifeless dioramas” and has seemed to “lost it’s way” after so many years.

IGN’s Review paints an entirely different pictures and states the worlds are stunning recreations. The writer also fell in love with the combat system.

Gamespot has a similar complaint like Polygon in that some of the worlds seem lifeless for example Arendelle (Frozen), Port Royale (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Toy Box’s mall (Toy Story) but other worlds are stunning. Gamespot seems to praise the combat and magic system as well.

gameinformer seemed to like Kingdom Hearts III and rates the game a 95 but also commented negatively on the Frozen and Tangled levels but say all of the world are very immersive. If you’re worried that you’re a new comer and have not experienced KIngdom Hearts 1 or 2, GI mentioned that are videos that should be able to bring you up to speed.

As of this writing Metacritic showed 21 positive reviews with no mixed or negative reviews. More reviews will hit Metacritic on the 29th when it hits store shelves in the States.

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