Far Cry New Dawn

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FarCry New Dawn features

Far Cry 5 was one of my all time favorite games. I have played through it multiple times and just recently completed my new game+ on infamous mode. And just three weeks from now I will be able to once again return to beautiful Montana, post apocalyptic Mad Max style with the release of Far Cry New Dawn.

While much of the gameplay mechanics will remain the same, the most important being co-op play, there are some interesting changes that sound quite awesome. With its imminent release I find it prudent to discuss some of them here.


Anyone who has played the Far Cry games is familiar with outpost. They are enemy stronghold that can be captured to make areas safer as you travel. Once you captured a stronghold however that was it, enemies would no longer spawn there, it was yours. Far Cry 5 introduced a feature where players were able to reset outposts and take them over again but they were exactly the same. New Dawn takes this a step further. Players will still be able to take over an outpost and collect the resources from it but, they will also be able to choose if they want the outpost to be re-taken by the enemy. Once an outpost is re-taken the enemies that populate it will be of higher levels and the taking it from them much more difficult. The reward for choosing to do this will be more and better resources to collect.


Both enemies and weapons will now have ranks. To determine the rank of an enemy all players need to do is target a mob and type “/con”, a message to the effect of “A Iksar Pariah scowls at you threateningly — What would you like tombstone to say?” Wait, wrong game!!

In any case the ability to kill a mob of higher ranking will depend on the ranking on the weapons used by the player.

Crafting and Prosperity

Prosperity is the town in New Dawn that will be your home base. It is where you will be able to use the resources collected from outposts to make better weapons and presumably upgrade the town itself. The ranking of the weapons you will be able to craft are dependent on the the changes players make to Prosperity so the collecting of resources are seemingly going to be an important aspect of the game.


These are essentially side quests that take you out of Montana to fight in other states ravaged by the apocalypse. To do them you will evidently need ethanol collected from outposts.

I for one cannot wait for this game. These changes are certain to add multiple playability to the already fantastic game mechanics. Far Cry New Dawn is set to be release on February 15th, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

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