To buy or not to buy: DLC

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Maybe I’m just old school but I really hate the current state of DLC. When I was a kid a new game stood on its own or it failed. There was no paid or free DLC to extend the life of the game and certainly no announced pre-release DLC.

Now don’t take this as a hatred for DLC as a whole. I think DLC is a great way to add content or refresh a game but why does it feel that publishers are holding back video game content to release the game for full price, usually $69, only to release new features or content that probably should have been in the game in the first place a month or so later. DLC was something that was a surprise 6 months to a year later and not announced with the preorder of a game. The whole thing makes me feel dirty as it seems it’s just a money grab and we’re all the suckers that buy into it.

Now don’t get me started on the quality of the DLC. For example, Far Cry 5, which is an outstanding game, released a Season Pass that would include 3 new campaigns: Vietnam, Mars, and Zombies. You could either buy them individually or as a Season Pass that would be more of a cost savings. I bit the bullet and bought the Season Pass. The Vietnam campaign was awesome. Felt more real than the Far Cry 5’s main mission. After playing through that campaign twice I could wait for for the Mars DLC. Well sad to say, I didn’t like it. StarDoggedMoon forced me through it, which I am glad he did, but it was a struggle. We had hoped Mars was a blip and that the next DLC (Zombies) would be a win. We loaded it up twice and haven’t picked it up since. Sad.

This will continue to happen as long as we continue to feed the machine. Developers/Publishers will change their ways unless we change our buying habits. Problem is we won’t, and will continue to buy the Season Pass or released DLC. I know I will….

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