Far Cry New Dawn, so far sooo good!

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Got the chance to put in some time with Far Cry New Dawn this weekend and I must say that I’m really enjoying it so far. Was able to do a little exploring, found Larry Parker’s Mars teleported, took an outpost and scavenged it, and drove across the map to pick up one of my favorite characters, Hurk Drubman, Jr.

The basic premise of the story is that you are the captain of an army of freedom fighters led by Thomas Rush. You have been contacted by Carmina Rye ( the little girl you help get delivered in FC5) to help fight “the Twins” in the ravages of Hope County.

Visually the game is beautiful. The vibrant colors and bright settings are a welcome change from the washed out almost sepia look of the Fallout games. No need for the post apocalyptic world to be so gloomy. That being said it, I find is a little less immersive in that scenery as isn’t as realistic looking as the Montana we became so familiar with in Far Cry 5. There is more of a “cartoony” quality to world. This by no means ruins the game, the change is atmosphere is only natural in that this is the aftermath of nuclear devastation.

One of the more noticeable changes comes from the weapons selection. Players will still be able to acquire weapons from fallen enemies, but instead of simply buying weapons players need to use resources they have collected to craft an array of guns and other tools. While the selection is extensive you won’t be able to build everything right away. Weapons now come with levels and what you can build is dependent upon how much you have upgraded the work bench in Prosperity. Not all the guns are fully customizable like they were in Far Cry 5 either. This makes taking down outposts a bit more challenging as you will not be able to put a silencer on every weapon in your load out. Stealthily shooting out alarms or taking down guards won’t be possible until you are able to craft a ranged weapon with a silencer. A simple bow and arrow or stealthy takedowns that are up close and personal will have to do for the time being.

Perks are still important to the development of your character and you will have to make some decisions as to what best suits your play style. I chose to unlock the blowtorch first and I’m glad I’d did as safes are one of the more reliable spots to get titanium from which is needed to build guns. There are also three takedown perks that allow you to the ability to takedown enemies of increasingly difficulty levels. Guns and weapons aren’t the only things that are have difficulty levels. Enemies do to and you will not be able to takedown a level 3 enemy unless you have the perk to do so.

Perks are not the only thing that may limit your play style, early on, however. The home base, Prosperity has several stations that need to be upgraded before you will be able to do certain things in the game. For example I cannot currently fast travel to any of the locations I have found so far because I have yet to upgrade the cartography station in Prosperity. The cartography station is also used to unlock maps showing the locations of different resources through the map. Increasing the level of your cartographer will make these maps purchasable from shops. The other stations in Prosperity that will need to be upgraded are a Healing Garden (med-kits), Infirmary (base health), Explosives lab, Work Bench(weapons crafting), garage (vehicles) and of course Prosperity itself. Leveling up Prosperity is a prerequisite to increasing the other stations to the higher tiers. The cost of these up grades is ethanol which is obtained by capturing outposts or hijacking supply trucks.

All in all the game is great so far and there seems to be a lot more decisions to make in how players wish to progress through the game.

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