Tetris 99 for Nintendo Switch Review

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While not a co-op game, Tetris 99 for Nintendo Switch is more of a “battle-royale” style game. You’re probably wondering, because I know I was, how do you make Tetris a battle-royale?

Tetris 99

Like any game of Tetris players place tetrominoes by rotating and dropping them to create lines and as those lines are created they disappear. In Tetris 99 you join 98 other players who are all competing for the top spot. Lines that disappear are them transported to other players that are targeted by you. Players choose who to give their garbage to by selecting between Random, Badges (the more you have the more garbage you can send), KO’s (knock outs), and Attacker’s (people targeting you) depending on your play style. Players can also manually target any of the 98 players but I found as the game progresses there is no time for that.

I haven’t been able to put Tetris 99 down since I downloaded it, which by the way is free, but my only wish is that the game explained the targeting system. This would have saved me some early confusion and frustrations but now the Tetris 99 is very enjoyable and challenging.

From what I can tell there is a decent matchmaking system as each game has been challenging I have been able to get to the top 25 and have been working my way to number 1, just not quite there yet.

Tetris 99, developed by Arika and published by Nintendo, is available now for free exclusively to members signed up for the Nintendo Switch Online service. Hey, it’s free! How can you go wrong?

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