Competitive Super Mario Bros. 35 Coming to Switch

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Super Mario Bros. is 35 years old this year and Nintendo has announced a whole bunch of stuff to celebrate. The biggest news for the co-op world is Super Mario Bros. 35, which introduces competitive play for the first time to the original Super Mario Bros.

Available as a Nintendo Online Switch exclusive, 35 players will race against time, defeat enemies and sabotage online opponents in an all-out, last Mario standing battle. As players play through the same timed stage, enemies defeated are sent to other players stage while coins collected throughout the stage are used to get in-game items like power-ups. If you’re familiar with Tetris 99 for Nintendo Switch Online, then this model should be VERY familiar.

In a “Brady Bunch” style layout, gamers will be able to target and see the progress of the other 34 players.

Super Mario Bros. 35 will be available for free to Nintendo Switch Online customers starting October 1, 2020, adding new reasons making Nintendo Switch Online worth the money. Surprisingly, Nintendo has announced that this game will be playable only through 3/31/2021. That’s just 6 months from launch. No reasons were given, but we hope that this will be revisited when the time comes, as after just watching the trailer, we are very excited to get our hands on this.

For a more in-depth look before launch, and more details, check out the launch trailer below or on the official Super Bros. 35 Nintendo site. Also, don’t forget to keep your browser pointed here for a review at launch.

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James Ferguson (JimHere93)

I genuinely CANNOT wait for this. So excited. Recently been replaying some of the classics, so its good to see more of my favorites headed to port

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