Mario Kart Tour Rants and No Multiplayer…What?!

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The Mario Kart Tour beta is coming to a close and many testers, despite signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), have posted some rants and very few raves regarding the upcoming mobile game. There have been numerous reports, even prior to beta launch, that Mario Kart Tour was going to be very microtransaction heavy and that has been confirmed.

While pay-to-win games can be frustrating the casual player generally will do well without paying. One absolute frustrating aspect of this version of Mario Kart is the time based gameplay. After a few courses players then have to wait for the timer to expire or pay to clear the timer (Surprise!). Time based microtransactions like this have no storyline root and are in there artificially. This is a straight out money grab.

Some players have taken to social media to share their displeasure. Twitter user @creativedrewy stated he uninstalled the beta after a few days. Andrew went on to say it “doesn’t feel like a Nintendo game but more like Zynga. Count me out.”. Another Twitter user @TylerBman88 says Mario Kart Tour sucks due to its usage of portrait mode and awkward controls. There is also reports that there is no multiplayer which seems hard to believe given the fact that Mario Kart is built on multiplayer!

The good news is that this is still only a beta and anything can change. I doubt that the microtransactions will be removed but hopefully they will be tweaked to make the game more enjoyable and more like a game that Nintendo would put out. Mario Kart Tour is due out this summer for iOS and Android devices this Summer.

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